24 Dec 2014

The most wonderful time of the year.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Quick photo of my tree and the old sleigh I bought recently. Will be putting all the presents on and around the sleigh tonight. How exciting.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new year.

10 Nov 2014

Animal, Muppets crochet hat

I searched though my dwindling stash of yarn and wondered what I could possibly make for my lovely Brother in-law for his birthday. I only had one 100g ball of  green, yellow, orange, pink and red yarn and a few scraps of white and black. I considered a few options and then decided on an Animal hat! 

Here's my attempt at Animal from The Muppets.

Remembrance Poppies & helping the Royal British Legion raise money

I was recently asked by my mum who runs (with a few other women) her local RBL Women's section if I'd make a few crochet poppies so they could sell them.

Well I searched Pinterest & Ravelry  and even Googled for a free crochet poppy pattern. There were several and as time was running short I opted for this easy to understand and very realistic (compared to the paper poppies) pattern by Mary Thomson on Ravelry it's free and she's happy for them to be made and sold.

Thank you for your generosity Mary.

I also made a few in my own design, and also double up my DK yarn to make larger ones and went down a few hook sizes to make tiny ones. I also started with black yarn for the first round as it meant I didn't need to add buttons for the centres. 

Then I cut out circles of felt using my die cutting machine, made two tiny slits in them to I could pass a small safety pin through, with the back of the pin at the back of the felt. Making sure not to add too much glue I  hot glued them on to the back of the poppies,  this helps stiffen the centres of the poppies and helps the pin to stay in place. 

I made 54 in total, and have been told they should sell for about £2.00 each. Not bad for a few eves work, some Stylecraft Yarn and a few 2nd hand hooks.

6 Oct 2013

Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention

It's with great regret I am ending my downloadable free files. I've been happy to share my files, but have decided that as someone has given out the password (To many many others) without my knowledge, I feel disappointed to say the least and as of this Sunday 6th Oct 2013 the files will no longer be accessible.

I'd like to say thank you to those who emailed and asked for the password and for your kind comments. If you have made anything with one of my files I would dearly like to see, so please let me know, thanks :)


3 Oct 2013

Cottage Life

10 weeks in and all's going well. The move took 3 days! One of those was just for the items in storage!!! How on earth DH & I got it all moved is a miracle, well truth be told with out the help of *Jason* I don't think we'd have made it, thanks again *Jason* you're a star 

So here we are moved in, settling in, and now I've finally got rid of the feeling that the "real" owners are about to turn up...I know it's weird but that's how I felt for about 4 weeks!

We've started a little decorating/D.I.Y. and got the wood burner up and running like new, can't wait to try it out, nice cosy eves in front of the burner crochet in one hand and a hot choc apple crumble in the other...bliss :) 

Talking of apple crumble we've already had a bumper crop of cooking apples, making apple crumble on the menu almost every day. 
There are plenty of other goodies to see in the garden, Green finches, chaffinches, a family of 3 woodpeckersa robin, a nut hatch, blue tits, great tits and many more. 
The local villagers are all so very friendly and welcoming, the pub offers a good menu selection and a variety of "games" to play; we've had hours of fun playing charades, guess my name and jenga, whilst supping a pint and tasting the delectable delights 

Now we just need to get the lounge decorating/D.I.Y. finished and wood burner installed before the weather turns cold.

17 May 2013

Moving house

Well it's finally happened, We've sold up and moved :)
We had an offer in February, less than a week after going back on the market after our last sale fell through in the new year.

We're in Rented at the mo, not ideal, but as we hadn't found our "dream home" it was our only option.
Then on the day of our move we saw our ideal home on line...and here we are 3 weeks after our move...offer accepted on our dream cottage :)

The next 2 months or so will be paperwork, survey, measuring for curtains, blinds etc.
DH is very excited about this cottage, I'm a little more reserved, just in case it doesn't go as planned.
So far all's looking good.

Wish the weather would decide what it's doing, frost on the cars this morning and now glorious sunshine :) roll on sprummer (spring/summer)

Hope you're all having a good week.

Please share the creations you've made using my free cut files as I'd love to see them.